This photo of Lord Rama was decorated as wall hangings in my village house and this photo evokes my child hood memories.

Village Childhood

The following words are best understood by contemporaries whose childhood passes of during seventies and eighties at our beautiful Village Manduvavaripalem:

    • Devalam (Village Temple)

    • Vanala Kottu (A place where dieties kept)

    • Poleramma Gudi (Goddes protects village boarder)

    • Thiranala

    • Arugulu(Village Parliment besides Library, where every thing on earth is being discussed)

    • Thuraggunta ( Water tank to the West of Village)

    • Pedda Cheruvu (Water Tank East side)

    • Kostam- Farm house

    • Pandiri - Temporary Summer Farm House

    • Barny ( Tobacco Barn where tobacco leaf is processed for making cigaretts)

    • Nulakamancham (a bed made out of wood and jute rope used at farm houses)

    • Thopu ( Play ground at pedda cheruvu)

    • Varava Kalava ( Small tank where washermen wash cloths)

    • Patimida ( West part of Village)

    • Vagu (Small stream flow southern side of village towards Ongole)

    • Brahmayya Kunta

    • Neirukunta (favourite picnic spot)

    • Company Center ( ILTD Tobacco Company at NH 5) - a place of work for some and also a den for playing cards.

    • Egadhola ( towards Lingamgunta)

    • Patimida Badi (Village primary School)

    • Sundara Rao Panthulu ( Headmaster of School)

    • Chalimanta (Bhogi Festival)

    • Sankurathri ( Sankranthi Festival)

Village Games:

    • Kothikommachi

    • Billangodu

    • Ongullu Dookullu

    • Kundullagunta

    • Dagudumutalu

    • Lacher Bucher

    • Kabaddi

    • Bachalata

    • Goleelata

    • Chiripatte

NOSTALGIA: Mary Taylor (Mary Zimbalist) Photographed for Vogue in 1933 by Edward Steichen