Karumudis Kitchen

Karumudis are requested to share their favorites by sending their specialised recipes to be published in this column.

Karumudis have good reputation in preparing traditional Andhra food. In their family functions such as marriages all the relatives join together and openly participate in the food preperations and prove their expertise in their specilised items. Karumudis are famous in preparing the following:

Curries: Sankati, Sambaru-karam, Mudda pappu, Chintakaya pachadi, Pappu-charu (Sambaru), Gongoora pachadi, Goddu karam,Vankaya kura, Ullagadda kura, Pulihora etc.

Other eatables: Chakkera Pongali (Swamibuvva), Garelu, Arisalu, Sajja boorelu, Chakkalu, Saggubiyyam payasam, Boondi laddu, Kajjikayalu, Sunnundalu, Poornalu, Muddalu(Punugulu) etc.

Are you interested in improving your cooking skills:

I recently came across a website sailusfood.com which has a rich Andhra flavour particularly costal Andhra style. Very interesting site and great presentation by Ms.Sailaja from Visakhapatnam. There are also links in that website for other good Indian recipes. I hope karumudis kitchens would enrich with some more new recipes after visiting that website.

Chepala Pulusu (Fish Curry)

(Posted by Sucharitha Karumudi)

I have this receipe from my husband's grandma kitchen, I love her cooking style with out using any techinal help nor a measuring spoon. She prepares the food with lot of love .


Keep these things ready:

1) Rub the washed fish pieces with some salt, lemon juice and a pinch of the turmeric powder. Keep aside for 5 minutes and wash well.

2) Soak Tamarind 150 gms in water for 15 mins and extract the juice.

3) Cut and ready 5 medium size onions

4)Green chillies -10 nos (slit lengthwise).

5)Prepare one and half tea spoons of ginger garlic paste.

6) Two or three table spoons of cooking oil.

7)Bunch of coriender leaves- clean & cut into pieces.

8)Curry leaves - few sprigs

9) Salt to taste

10) Turmeric powder - 1/2tsp

11)Red chilli powder - as per your taste


1) Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed wide pan and add onion and green chilly pieces. After one minute add Turmeric powder. After another minute add ginger garlic paste.

2) After two minutes add curry leaves, salt and mirchi powder. Keep it in simmer.

3) Arrange the fish pieces on top, pour the tamarind juce over the fish pieces, (pieces should immerse in tamarind juice) close the lid and keep the heat on high for 5 mns, when it is started boiling, simmer and cover for 30 mins in low flame.

4) When gravy bocome little thick add coriender leaves on the top.

5) Turn over carefully, rotate the dish and cook for three or four mins then turn off. During the entire cooking do not mix with ladle, instead rotate the dish or otherwise fish becomes mushy.