Brief History of KARUMUDI’S

    • Most of the karumudis live near and around ONGOLE town which is headquarters of Prakasham District, in Andhra Pradesh, south India. Ongole is also famous for its world famous "ONGOLE BULL".

    • As a community KARUMUDI'S belong to the caste of Kamma with Valletla gotram.

    • KARUMUDI’S have been based for the last four generations in MANDUVAVARIPALEM (Patimidapalem) a small village 4 kms north to Ongole a coastal town in Southern part of Andhra Pradesh state, India.

    • There is a small village called "Karumudivaripalem" in Gullapalli Main Village located between Vellampalli and Medarametla about 25 kms from Ongole on National Heighway No 5 towards Guntur. KARUMUDI’S have roots in this place and some Karumudi's are still living in that village. During eighteenth century some of KARUMUDI’S ancestors migrated to Gudimellapadu a small village 4 kms north-east to Ongole.

    • Mr.Ayyanna son of Venkayya&Ademma migrated to Manduvavaripalem around 1850. He has one son Chenchayya and three daughters, Punnamma, Seshamma and Basavamma.

  • Mr.Chenchayya married to Venkata Subbamma and had eight children including two daughters. They are: